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Newsletter 42 – Diciembre 2014

Breaking Bad? Game of Thrones? No. This is “Hunting the Ecosystem”: a short video with Kauffman Foundation, MIF/IADB and Prodem

diciembre 5, 2014

A journalist must investigate the new ICSEd Prodem: “what is it? To whom is it useful? Who is behind it?”. To do so, he interviews different representatives from Kauffman Foundation, MIF/IADB and Prodem. At last, after answering several questions, he is also particularly interested in the Latin American focus of the new index.

Augusto, a young journalist receives an order from his boss: “I want you to prepare an article about the new Index of Systemic Conditions for Dynamic Entrepreneurship (ICSEd), what is it? To whom is it useful? Who is behind it? I want this as soon as possible!”

Follow Augusto in his search for information… listen to the testimonies from Dane Stangler (Kauffman Foundation) and Susana García-Robles (Multilateral Investment Fund/Inter-American Development Bank) and the interviews with Hugo Kantis and Juan Federico (both from Prodem). Discover how ICSEd can help to develop your ecosystem and the emergence of new dynamic firms.

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