Programa de Desarrollo Emprendedor

Systemic conditions for the creation of dynamic firms in emerging countries.

Numerous studies reveal the importance of new firms in the economic development of a given society (Audrestch and Thurik, 2001; Audrestch et al., 2006; Naudé, 2008; Audrestch and Keilbach, 2007; Acs and Mueller, 2008; Nyström, 2008; Van Praag and Versloot, 2007). Studying the conditions that favor the development and growth of such firms is thus key to analyzing the factors that could affect how countries develop. The aim of this study is to put forward and apply a systemic approach to the study of existing conditions for the creation and development of new firms in emerging countries. The methodology consists of the creation and analysis nof the Index of SystemicConditions for Entrepreneurship (Índice de Condiciones Sistémicas para el Emprendimiento, ICSE Prodem), which will allow the main strengths and weaknesses of these countries to be identified. The index is based on the Entrepreneurial Development System (Kantis et al., 2002 and 2004), which considers firm creation as a systemic phenomenon, given that there are different factors that affect the creation, development, and growth processes of dynamic firms.

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