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Mature and developing ecosystems: a comparative analysis from an evolutionary perspective

This document provides relevant findings of the emergence of some ecosystems. Firstly, it looks into a long-term trajectory of two advanced ecosystems such as Silicon Valley (USA) and Tel Aviv/ Israel in an attempt to grasp their dynamics and evolution. Secondly, it analyzes the similarities and differences between two Latin American cases –the cities of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile). Thirdly, it attempts to compare the cases presented, understand their roots from an evolutionary perspective and explore some implications for Latin-American countries. The cases were selected considering their salient features as both Silicon Valley and Tel-Aviv/ Israel are state-of-the-art ecosystems with interesting differences in their evolutionary process, and their development can contribute to the analysis of Latin-American cases. The cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago were ranked positively in the Runner Up category of Global Start-Up Ecosystem Report.

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