Programa de Desarrollo Emprendedor

The emergence of university graduate entrepreneurs: What makes the different? Empirical evidences from a research in Argentina.

In the context of the knowledge society new ventures founded by graduates are called to play a critical role as agents of change. This potential role is especially crucial in emergent countries such as Argentina where existing firms do not play an important role as “organizational incubators” for new entrepreneurs. By the other hand, recent research in Latin American countries has found that half of the most dynamic entrepreneurs have an university degree. These evidences have led us to formulate some questions about the process of emergence of these university-based entrepreneurs: Which are the distinctive characteristics of it to be considered by those who promote entrepreneurship in universities? What is the contribution of universities to the emergence of entrepreneurs? The results contribute to enlarge the knowledge about the entrepreneurial process in Latin America with especial focus in the more distinctive aspects differentiating the emergence of university degree founded new ventures.

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